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Getting Twitchy?

I don’t know about you, but I’m starting to get a bit twitchy about the lack of product announcements from Apple.

It’s usually quiet after Christmas, but by this time last year we’d already had the iPad 3 launch and the announcement of Mountain Lion.

As of today, some software updates... and that’s about it.

I’m not unduly worried as such, I’m confident that Apple have a full pipeline of new products, but it’s still frustrating not to know when the next thing will appear. Things are made more difficult by the unexpected release of the iPad 4 and iPad mini late last year, something you might have expected around this time of year.

There’s not even a rumour of an Apple event?

Surely we won’t have to wait until WWDC in June?

So hopefully, this is the lull before the storm, but Apple really need to start cranking it up and making some announcements.

Well, they don’t need to, but it would be nice!

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Perhaps Apple has decided that it does not need the media or "tech experts" in any way shape or form. New products may just be released with a Press Release and a KeyNote without an audience, downloadable from the Apple web site or in your RSS feed.

Media treatment of Apple boggles the mind. I though Ozzies had the "copyright" on the "tall poppy syndrome".

Apple is busy repositioning its suppliers and supply lines. Inside of 2 to 5 years nothing will be sourced from Samsung or those associated. Apple is a huge source of revenue for Samsung. Apple is finding it's own money and stolen tech being used against it. Decentralisation of supply sources also makes a great deal of sense, in this unstable world. Managing supply, is a Apple strong point.

Technology wise I would not expect anything new and startling. After all it's just been delivered. Look at the gestation periods involved in what we currently have from Apple. Everybody else simply stole it!

If I were the CEO of Apple I would be buying back shares and becoming privately held. I would pick a nice off shore location with friendly Tax rates and manufacture my products, using new, non labour intensive, manufacturing techniques at various locations around the world in my automated factories, using my newly developed engineering, design and production tech.

I doubt the new manufacturing in the USA will be labour intensive.

New hardware requires new operating system/s. Look for wearable, small interconnected devices all associated with new battery technology.

My Pebble watch runs up to 7 days without a charge. My iDevices do not.

Incremental is all we will get this year, with some size variations in the IOS world.

If I had all that money in the bank I would not be in a rush.

I could be wrong! Don't panic!


March 22, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterPaul Purcell

Personally, I like it. It was much more fun in the old days when Apple announcements came out of nowhere and always had one or two genuine surprises. Recently, the months of rumour and speculation (becoming increasingly accurate as the official announcement approaches), and pre-announcements of products that won't be available for several months, have all been rather anti-climactic.

March 22, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterCalum

I can relate. In the days of Apple yore it seemed there was always something just out, but we also had software apps in that cycle as well (iWorks, iLife, Aperture, Final Cut, etc. as well as much newness in each OS update to explore). The boundaries have been pushed and made more stable, but the new stuff every few months stretched. The boundaries pushed var less. Rarely is the unimaginable released (I can watch a movie on something how thin and sits in my hand and has no wires?). Even 3rd party developers have seemingly slowed the new and innovative. Smallish apps for the iPhone pop out like bunnies as if every day is the prime of Spring, but the easy interlinking between things still hasn't happened.

We I love things like Drafts, but ease of pushing things across our digital lives with ease and where needed still is lumpy. It is a somewhat hard problem, mostly made so by not thinking holistically and making easy interconnections. Imagine a Drafts what pushed things to a folder. Imagine tags that worked not only on the desktop apps, but were also incorporated in iOS for easy aggregation of things (because, well right now, our files are behind a bit of a curtain that has nor organization structure).

I keep waiting, in a very twitchy mode, for something really big to happen to all the little things that will make a big difference. There is also hope for big things - a tv system/service that just works, no matter where you are (home, hotel, work) as one seamless interface to the primordial media stew out past technology and poorly visioned media manglers, er mogals, wrought.

March 24, 2013 | Unregistered Commentervanderwal

Don - I'd be happy right now with something simple like a Thunderbolt Display upgrade. I could use a new 27" Thunderbolt display but don't want to buy one with USB 2.0 (egad). Seems like Apple is taking a long time to update a few things. Maybe a new "Pro" Mac Mini modular tower might be coming, who knows. It certainly seems like pushing out so many updates at the end of last year must be clearing the decks for something new.

March 24, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterDavid Sheeks

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