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MacHeist nanoBundle

Hands up, who is getting just a bit jaded by software bundles?

I know I am. You occasionally get one of two gems in a bundle, but invariably, they are padded with fillers or apps you've never heard of.

However, the MacHeist people have come up with another software bundle...

...but not JUST another software bundle!

They have excelled themselves by releasing a "nanoBundle" of 8 top Mac apps for just $9.99 with 10% of the purchase going to charity.

But it's not just some old naff collection of apps you've never heard of, it contains 6 blockbuster titles (and 2 I'm not familiar with.)

Check out what's included...

1 - Clean My Mac 2

2 - Fantastical

3 - Clarify

4 - xScope

5 - iStopMotion

6 - Totals

and if they reach their target (which they undoubtably will, they have already sold 9,407 of their 10,000 target as I write this.)

7 - Path Finder

8 - Little Inferno

In all honesty, if I saw any of the first five apps on sale individually for $9.99, I'd recommend it to you.

All eight for $9.99 is a complete and utter no-brainer!

Anyway, enough gushing, get over to and check out the apps for yourself but there are only 5 days left (as of 18th April) so don't dally!

PS The link is not an affiliate link and I'm acting completely independently of MacHeist - it's just an amazing offer!

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The Stacksocial Name your own price bundle is well worth a look as well Don


April 18, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterSeb

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